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The project lies in Ilam district of Mechi zone in Eastern Development Region of Nepal. The entire project components are located in between Thulo Puwa khola and Sano Puwa Khola within Puwa Majhuwa Village Development Committee. The intake sites are at the right bank of Thulo Puwa Khola, and at left bank of Sano Puwa, approximately 3 km from Puwa Bazaar and approximately 600 m from Mill Golai respectively. The location of the powerhouse is at approximately 500m from Puwa bazaar. Boundary of the project has longitude 87o52’50” E to 87o54’10” E and latitudes 26o59’47” N to 27o00’50” N. The project location in map of Nepal and district map is shown in Fig 1.

Figure 1  Project location in map of Nepal and lam district

The project is conceived as a simple Run-off-River (RoR) concept scheme. The generation capacity of the project will have 3 MW and will be generate 17.40GWh of energy annually excluding outage and losses. The project was designed by the consideration of diverting flow from two Khola namely Thulo Puwa and Sano Puwa. There are individual project components for each Khola like intake structure, approach canal, desandars and headrace canal for convey each Khola flow upto forbay.  All the project components were designed in surface construction. All the project component lies along right bank of Tholo Puwa and along left bank of Sano Puwa. Both the water conveyance headrace canals from desander to forbay are free flow with covered at top. At the junction of the two headrace canal; a surface forbay will be constructed from where penstock pipe starts to convey water upto powerhouse. A surface powerhouse is proposed on the barren land on the right bank of Thulo Puwa Khola. Short length tailrace canal will be constructed to convey the flow from turbine outlet to discharge the flow in certain downstream from the powerhouse.

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